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Learn Practical Leadership  Skills  Each Month.

In a study of 90 top leaders from a variety of fields, leadership experts Warren Bennis and Bert Nanus wrote,
“It is the capacity to develop and improve their skills that distinguishes leaders from their followers.” You see, successful
leaders are learners, they continue getting better. The learning process is ongoing. Getting better – as a leader, a manager,
a colleague, a friend, a spouse, a parent – is the result of self-reliance, perseverance, and surrounding
yourself by and with others who have the Growth Mindset.

Each month, you’ll learn one Leadership Theme, and practice a minimum of 5 skills to be a better leader.
Here are two sample themes of this Leadership Development Curriculum. (To download the entire curriculum of the
Get Momentum Coaching ProgramClick Here.)

2 Sample Leadership Themes. “What you will learn…”.

Meetings: Lead Efficient & Effective Meetings Save time and money by conducting more productive
meetings with internal team members, external clients and vendors. Learn how to efficiently plan for and
facilitate meetings. Practice effective follow up after your meetings to build teams and improve

Outcome: learn and practice 5 skills to manage meetings better.

Resilience: How to Be Resilient Effective and efficient leaders know there is a tight connection between
maximum productive behavior, overall well-being and stress management. A resilient leader focuses every
day physical, psychological and emotional health practices. Knowing how to manage their own stressors
makes it possible to be a better, more compassionate and empathetic leader.

Outcome: learn and practice 5 Resilience skills you can use to experience less stress.

Click Here here to review the entire curriculum. You can join Get Momentum any time!



What is the MISSION of Get Momentum?

Get Momentum is an online coaching program providing leaders with curated tools, information and the mindset
required to quickly and effectively develop talents in specific leadership skills.
Here are the 5 elements that make this program work:

1. Momentum Coaching Call 

During your 1-on-1 private call with Jason or Jodi Womack, your Get Momentum Coaches, we’ll review your goals based on the leadership skill you’re focused on that month.



This is the secret to Momentum: to work with coaches who hold you accountable to what you said you’d do.

2. The Momentum Module

Each month, you’ll download the Momentum Module, a four-part workbook with specific and tactical activities to become a better leader. Over the 4 weeks of the month, you’ll work on one part of the workbook.


Our goal is to collect the best content and make it into small, doable sections, so you make consistent progress.

3. Momentum Master Class

Each month you’ll attend the live Master Class which is an online webinar that covers one core concept that provides you with leading research, practical insights and step-by-step lessons you can use immediately.

Each Master Class is based on a single strategic leadership skill. You can watch and listen on your computer, your tablet computer, or even your phone from anywhere in the world.

Part I:  45-minute course presented by your coaches Jason and Jodi Womack
Part II:  Additional 60-minute Q&A discussion. Ask your questions directly during the Town Hall. You can also send in your questions in advance.

The Master Class webinars are recorded, so that you can view them anytime. Once you’re a member, you have access to archived Master Classes. You can watch and learn at your convenience.

4. Momentum Community

Surround yourself with successful people. Who’s on your team? Who’s got your back? Where is your personal brain-trust? 

You need great minds to bounce your ideas around. This is especially true when it comes to advancing your career and making personal skills-based improvements. Whether you run your own business, are a senior manager, or are just starting your career, you need access to the right people. I know for personal experience that how far you get is tied directly to the kind of people you spend the most time with.

If you do not have people around you that push you to be better, then success is harder than it needs to be. In fact, those who do NOT spend time around the right people may earn less, take fewer vacations and have a more difficult life because of that. You can make things better starting now.

As a member of the Get Momentum Membership program, you will be surrounded by a group of people that genuinely care about making things better. Through discussion forums and monthly Town Hall meetings, they will challenge you to achieve more in life and at work. As a member, you’ll have the unique opportunity to get personal support from Jason via email, phone calls and the online discussion forums. Each conversation is designed to help you at the strategic and the tactical levels.

5.  Momentum Bonus Courses

Experience “The Boost”: a 10-part video training series to improve the way you work. Plus other bonus courses that give tips and tricks for technology and productivity improvements.

Join Get Momentum today.

The Get Momentum program assumes two things: (1) you are currently in a position of leadership, influencing the workflow and prioritization of teams of 2-20 people, locally or globally distributed, and (2) within 12-24 months the project-complexity and team-makeup you manage will change.

As a member of the Get Momentum Coaching Program, we will equip you to succeed.

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