Get Momentum members do these 4 things. Do you?

 1. Reflect: Decide that it is time you take charge of your own personal development and professional growth.

2. Build: Surround yourself by and with like-minded leaders from different industries and backgrounds.

3. Change: Study your current workflow habits, and pick up new – more effective and efficient – routines.

4. Achieve: Celebrate completion more often. Reach your goals faster. Experience success in life and work. homepage.003 homepage.002 homepage.001


If it is time for you to…

change your current career development path …

learn practical ways to work more efficiently and productively …

join a global network of world class business leaders and thinkers …

experience personal and professional growth …

Then it is time you GET MOMENTUM.


Get Momentum provides the practical advice and
tangible network of peers to help reach your next level of success…

Clemens Wan
technical analyst, New York City



Just a quick note to let you both know how much I’ve gained out of Get Momentum.
The power and multiplying effect of doing the small and supposedly simple things has been amazing.
I’m spending less time in crisis mode and am now coming to work with a good daily plan (which I stick to most of the time).

You’ve taught me easy and simple things to do yet I wasn’t smart enough or disciplined enough to do them
with out your encouragement. In addition to those action points I now also have a list of things NOT to do.
This has been a major achievement for me. So thank you very much for your guidance and follow up. It has
been given in such a positive and friendly manner. I also can’t wait for the next book?

Vince McKenney
Electrical Engineer, Mandurah, Australia

  Get Momentum’s 5 elements make it possible for you to experience the success you dream of at work… and in life.

1. Change Your Mindset, Change Your Productivity

Everyone experiences overwhelm at work and stress at home at some level. Whether you’re feeling the pressure to perform in life, or at work, or are facing relationship problems, financial difficulties, or simply the number of tasks to do in a short period of time, Get Momentum is the coaching program for you.

As a member in the GET MOMENTUM Executive Coaching Program you immediately have access to the full archive of training modules that will change the way you think. Change your mindset, change your productivity. You’ll learn how to work smarter, think bigger, lead better, and achieve more; you’ll improve the way that you work day by day. Learn how to set effective goals, how to work at your best, how to better delegate, and much more.

After this series you will be more productive and less stressed — guaranteed.

2. Curated Content ~ only the best

Most coaching programs bury you with content. Of course, they mean well, but by giving you TOO MUCH, those programs overwhelm instead of inspire.

This Get Momentum monthly program is different. We distill the best information into a easily digestible video and text articles. You’ll build in productivity a little at a time throughout each month.


3. Monthly “Live” Town Hall Meeting

Gain knowledge and expert information to improve the way you live and work.

Each month we’ll dive deeply into one core concept that provides you with leading research, practical insights and step-by-step lessons you can use immediately.

Executive coach, Jason W. Womack, MEd, MA presents a live Town Hall online webinar. Each of these meetings is based on a single strategic Personal Productivity and Workplace Performance topic. It is an opportunity to challenge yourself to step up to your next level. You can watch and listen on your computer, your tablet computer, or even your phone from anywhere in the world.

The monthly Town Hall online seminar is presented in two parts:
Part I:  a 45 minute deep dive presentation on the one topic for the month
Part II:  additional 60 minute Q&A discussion. Jason answers your questions directly during the Town Hall. You can also send in your questions in advance.

The Town Hall presentations are recorded, so that you can view them anytime. Once you’re a member, you have access to a full year of archived Town Halls. With the click of one button, you can watch and learn at your convenience.

“Forget all the old ways about thinking about productivity. If you’re moving too slow toward what you want, Jason Womack will help you get momentum. I’ve been in the “C” suites of some the world’s most prestigious corporations.  What they all need is someone like Jason to show them what “navigating” the new world of work looks like.”

~ Jim Rider

4. Surround Yourself With Very Successful People

Who’s on your team? Who’s got your back? Where is your personal brain-trust? 

You need great minds to bounce your ideas around. This is especially true when it comes to advancing your career and making personal skills-based improvements. Whether you run your own business, are a senior manager, or are just starting your career, you need access to the right people. I know for personal experience that how far you get is tied directly to the kind of people you spend the most time with.

If you do not have people around you that push you to be better, then success is harder than it needs to be. In fact, those who do NOT spend time around the right people may earn less, take fewer vacations and have a more difficult life because of that. You can make things better starting now.

As a member of the GET MOMENTUM Membership program, you will be surrounded by a group of people that genuinely care about making things better. Through discussion forums and monthly Town Hall meetings, they will challenge you to achieve more in life and at work. As a member, you’ll have the unique opportunity to get personal support from Jason via email, phone calls and the online discussion forums. Each conversation is designed to help you at the strategic and the tactical levels.

5.  Success Interviews

Every month, a successful GET MOMENTUM community member shares her or his techniques for achieving momentum in their personal and professional life. GET MOMENTUM members from around the world are chosen to share their stories about what they are doing to experience more success. You want to learn from these people. They’ll help create and maintain the momentum you need to keep going toward your goals.

Do you want to Be Better? Join Get Momentum today.

Don’t let another moment pass you by without focusing on how you can improve.

Whether you’ve been promoted recently, are about to graduate from a college or university program, or are about to launch a (or another) company, there are 12 things you have to know if you’re going to succeed. As a member of the Get Momentum Coaching Program, we will equip you to succeed.

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