Wherever you are now, you CAN BE BETTER… Here’s how:

  • 1
    Build A Team That Has Your Back
    You run faster when you’re running with a pack of big dogs. You show up bigger and better than you thought possible when a community you respect is holding you accountable.
  • 2
    Find Your Yoda
    No Olympic athlete gets on the podium alone. You perform better when you have an expert coach who is as dedicated to your goals as you are.
  • 3
    Get Your Reps
    No one has ever walked out onto a golf course to shoot par or picked up a guitar and laid down a free-bird caliber solo without putting in the work. Knowing what to practice and how to practice can get you closer to those goals.
You can do this alone, or you can accept our challenge.
  • The Get Momentum Academy, a 12-month Executive Education program, is a one-stop shop for someone like you who’s looking to take things to the next level.

Get Momentum will get you to the next level… no matter what that means to you.


“The most valuable component of Get Momentum are my monthly calls with Jodi. She helps me stay accountable and provides tangible encouragement. She also provides resources and information that is personalized and relevant to me. She is awesome!”

Ariana Friedlander
Founder, Rosabella Consulting, LLC
Get Momentum Member since October 2014

“Loved your presentation the other day. By far the most thought provoking time management class I’ve ever attended. I look forward to utilizing your tools to help me become a better husband, father and professional.”

Matt Sallaberry
Vice President of Commercial Banking
Enterprise Bank & Trust

“I’ve known Jason through his online course materials for close to 2 years. Even though he has a tremendous global client list, Jason always makes time to answer a question, offer specific support, and produce high-quality content for his online audience. I recently purchased his course and continued to be inspired by his actionable insights. His work is so exceptional that it will soon be a core element of my new staff on-boarding.”

Mozart Guerrier
Executive Director at 21 Progress

So, you think you’re already at your best?

Ok, I get it. Things are going well for you.

In over 20 years of executive coaching, we haven’t met a single person who’s rocking it in all areas of their life who isn’t experiencing some kind of growing pains.

You see, growth means challenge. Growth means opportunity.
Growth means… It’s time to work with a coach.
And ultimately, do you know what growth means to you? We do.

Growth = Change.
Say this out loud, “New opportunities mean I’ll need to step up my game. I’ll need new skills. I’ll need to think differently. I’ll need to BE different.

It’s a cycle of constant improvement. You earn a degree. You get a job. You earn a promotion. You make partner. You create a family. You start a business. You get involved in your community…

Bottom line: There’s ALWAYS more to do.
And the “More to do” means you now have a whole new set of responsibilities.
Now what?
The same set of tools, frameworks, and skill sets that got you where you are today will not get you over the hurdles of tomorrow.
Author and business coach, Marshal Goldsmith says, “What got you here… won’t get you there.

How are you getting better?

Maybe it’s fear that’s holding you back.

Perhaps the fear of realizing your best self, stepping fully into your power, and seeing what happens to the world when you show up with laser focus is a whole new vision of yourself you’re not comfortable with yet. But you will be.

An effective and efficient leader (that’s you as an executive, parent, employee or board member) is NOT AFRAID to set aggressive, long-range goals.

To achieve those goals, you need to have a lot of tools and tactics at your fingertips. Tools like these:

Command Over Your Person

  • Having Dominion Over Your Mental and Physical Wellness
  • Developing Mental and Physical Resilience
  • Reinforce Productive Habits
  • Foster Creativity and Innovation

Interpersonal Power

  • Know How to Lead Efficient & Effective Meetings
  • Enlist Support, Communicate Clearly and Present Like A Pro
  • Understand and Motivate People
  • Lead Strategically and Work Tactically
  • Build Meaningful Relationships

Mastery of Tools

  • Optimize Your Productivity Through Technology
  • Managing Time as Your Plate Continues to Fill Up

Imagine the day when your vision matches your reality.
Imagine always having the support you need to get better with every step you take.

How are you getting Better?

It’s our professional opinion that walking this road to personal and professional development alone is a bad decision.

When you walk alone, the chances of taking missteps and stumbling are 10x higher than when you have a team with you.

When you join the Get Momentum Leadership Academy, you have a team and coaches by your side.

Executive Coaches Jason W. Womack, MEd, MA and Jodi Womack, MA are thought leaders, published authors and successful entrepreneurs. They run two consultancies and coach leaders like you from around the world to Think Bigger, Work Smarter, Lead Better and Achieve More.

For the last 12 years, Jason and Jodi have logged over 5,000,000 miles on American Airlines alone speaking at conferences, Fortune 100 companies and launching their books.

Their experience and knowledge is at the core of the Get Momentum Leadership Academy but that’s not where the value ends.

When you become a member of Get Momentum, you immediately surround yourself with successful, like-minded people committed to making their best even better.

Are you ready?

And, “more to do” means you now have a whole new set of responsibilities. Now what?
If you’re crushing it right now. Good. Now, let’s step even harder on the gas. Let’s build systems and a community that will fortify your foundation, so that any changes that come from your successes will get rolled right over with your momentum.

“One day, you’re going to laugh thinking back to when you thought this was all you had to give.”

Jason W. Womack, co-founder of Get Momentum