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  • If you’re looking to succeed in your next professional role, enroll in the Get Momentum Academy, a 12-month Executive Education program.
Jodi Womack
Co-Founder of Get Momentum

Why Join Get Momentum?


“The most valuable component of Get Momentum are my monthly calls with Jodi. She helps me stay accountable and provides tangible encouragement. She also provides resources and information that is personalized and relevant to me. She is awesome!”

Ariana Friedlander
Founder, Rosabella Consulting, LLC
Get Momentum Member since October 2014


Advance Personally and Professionally.

When you become a member of the Get Momentum coaching program,
you immediately surround yourself with successful,
like-minded people committed to making their best even better.

People, like you, who resonate with practical guidance and teaching of the principles of effectiveness. The kind of instantly implementable tactics and techniques that show results the moment you get off a members-only phone call and put them into effect.

But Get Momentum is so much more than the sum of its parts.

The synergy our members create around the teachings each month and everyone’s active participation in bettering their lives inspires each of us to higher levels of performance and commitment to ourselves. Accountability is often the key in every endeavor or project we undertake.

You need great minds and other perspectives to bounce your ideas around.

This is especially true when it comes to advancing your career and making personal skills-based improvements. Whether you’re like other Momentum members and own your own business (or want to), are a senior manager, or are looking to make that next big promotion into a greater leadership role, having access to the right people—your own brain trust—will propel you forward.

If you do not have those people around supporting you, pushing you to be better, then success is harder than it needs to be. In fact, those who do NOT spend time around the right people may earn less, take fewer vacations and have less of what makes life so enjoyable. You can start to make things better right now by giving yourself the community of support, led by “one of America’s leading thought leaders,” to keep you inspired and on top of your game.


The Get Momentum community is here to help you achieve the life you want.

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