When it’s time, how much does it take?

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This month, global members of the Get Momentum leadership coaching program are studying the theme:

“Productivity Through Technology”

Of the 12 skills leaders, managers, and founders will perfect this year, this is one that will make the most difference starting tomorrow morning.

It all started many years ago when I realized that by doubling my own spying speed, I’d be able to write more, faster, and get things done before the end of the day. Then, I realized there was a “better” and “more efficient” way to take notes in meetings (in my Moleskine journal) so that later on I’d know exactly what I needed to do AND had access to referenced/sidelined information. Oh, still later, I relied that I could use the camera I carried with me everywhere to take more notes, capture more ideas, and stay in better contact with people I meet along the way.

In fact, this month you’ll learn a minimum of 10 different ways to get more from the tools, systems and gear you have under your fingertips and in your pocket/purse. The point of teaching you these tactics is simple:

To Regain 1-3 Hours A Day!

No matter WHEN you join, you’ll have access to all four “coaching sessions” this month:

  • Momentum Module: The basics you need in order to utilize/maximize the tools, gear and technology you have.
  • Town Hall: Sign up for the live (or watch the recording) 45-minute presentation/step-by-step presentation.
  • Success Profile: Learn from an expert in the technology field who – after tracking his time spent/productivity ratio – realized a 1 hour per day savings…Minimum!
  • Community Discussion: I’ll host a few “online” discussions as members around the world share their questions, stories, and examples of how THEY are more productive through technology.

There are a minimum of 3 things I’ll ask you to consider this month:

1. Long ago I wondered if it was possible to speed up AND automate the “copy/paste” tasks I had to do when I was replying to emails potential clients sent to me. I talked to a few people I know, and we brainstormed ways that I could create multiple signatures in email to semi-automate my work. That one query led me to save about 60 minutes a day.

2. Often, I visit “video tutorial” web site, type in the name of the product I want to learn about and then, I watch a video. After it’s done, I’ll watch another video. My intention is to see what each video leads to. Based on the “problem” I’m trying to solve, I’ll eventually come to a video I can watch about it.

3. You can make any tool work. You really can. The BIGGER game is to keep asking yourself, “What am I trying to accomplish?” What would remove steps, be re-useable in my process, help me find/do/make what I need more easily? Your job is to NOT  get too attached to the tool or app; instead, focus on your outcome and what can get you there.

If you’re ready to work smarter, lead better and get more done each day, click on Sign Up in the menu bar above.

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