Get Momentum Coaching Program

Work Smarter. Think Bigger. Achieve More.

The Get Momentum monthly coaching program provides you with specific tactics and practical habits to engage in a mindset-based shift toward exponential growth as a leader.




$99 / month $349 / month
During your 1-on-1 private call with Jason or Jodi Womack, your Get Momentum Coaches, we’ll review your goals based on the leadership skill you’re focused on that month.This is the secret to Momentum: to work with coaches who hold you accountable to what you said you’d do.
Momentum Coaching Call
Each month, you’ll download the Momentum Module, a four-part workbook with specific and tactical activities to become a better leader. Over the 4 weeks of the month, you’ll work on one part of the workbook.
The Momentum Module
Attend a LIVE Momentum Master Class. Your coaches will present one leadership topic - for 45 minutes - and then answer your questions for another 60 minutes. Consider this your hour of “professional skill" development.
Momentum Master Class
Upon registration to GET MOMENTUM, you immediately join a global community of professionals in a private group discussion forum. Ask your questions, share your prompts and learn from other people who have MOMENTUM.
Momentum Community
Upon registration, you'll go to the Onboarding video series that will walk you through all benefits of your membership.
Onboarding Video Series
Throughout the year, you get FREE access to bonus courses (a savings of $200-$450 per course) that help you keep MOMENTUM.
Bonus Courses (2-3 per year)
3-month access to the library of 5-page PDF summaries of more than 10,000 of the best books essential to growth in your job and career. And, there are also summaries in audio format to listen to "on the go."
getAbstract book summary membership ($90 value)
3-month subscription to Time Management Magazine to gain the guidance of the world's foremost productivity experts at your fingertips on your OS or Android device.
Time Management Magazine membership ($14.97 Value)
Copies of the bestselling book Your Best Just Got Better for your library, and to pass along as gifts to mentees, colleagues, family and friends.
Signed Copies of Your Best Just Got Better ($24.95 each)
2 Copies 5 Copies
For Premium members, We guide you through thinking about and planning your year-long strategic plan. We support you through this development process, and we’ll connect via phone or Skype to monitor your progress.
Monthly Individual Development Plan
Every month we check in. You’ll share where you are in relationship to your goals for the month, and we follow up with emails and suggestions on how to Work Smarter, Think Bigger and Achieve More.
1-Hour VIP Call each month
Get Momentum is based on an Annual Curriculum. Over the course of 12 months, you'll learn 12 Leadership Skills in depth.
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We look forward to working with you.
Things are about to get much, much better.


  1. Build a success ROAD MAP and master the fundamentals of your personal growth.
  2. Transform routines and habits into a workflow routine that creates great RESULTS.
  3. Practice techniques to experience an entirely NEW LEVEL OF SUCCESS.
  4. Approach productivity in a way that LOWERS your stress.
  5. Surround yourself with an encouraging COMMUNITY.
  6. Hold yourself ACCOUNTABLE to achieve more.


Sharing my individual challenges with newfound friends really pushed my comfort zone. I was soon to realize that many have gone through the same challenges, sharing how they overcame them. My awareness of what I am doing, why I am doing it and how I communicate have grown exponentially, which has helped in all my relationships. It’s a wonderful kickstart of how to live with focus, productively and not just studying it.

Jason Thompson
Jason Thompson
Operations Manager & Loan Officer, California

I hired Jason when I began a new job and wasn’t sure how (organizationally) to start. Jason brought a wealth of knowledge, a commitment to excellence and a charisma that made me want to work not only with him, but for him. He and I have stayed in touch and he’s regularly checked in with me to help me make progress in the corporate world. Not only was he exceptional in his coaching when I worked with him, but he was more than wiling to share any relevant experience that could be helpful to me in facing challenges in the workplace.

I highly recommend Jason as a consultant, as a valued partner and as a supportive friend. He is amazing, brilliant, creative and a complete force of nature. All of those characteristics are ones you hope to have on your team. I am far better and more productive for knowing him.

BJ Miller
BJ Miller
US Olympic Gold Medal Champion Swimmer, Colorado

We hired Jason to help our team increase our work productivity. His coaching program saved each of us about 1 hour per day when it comes to managing our time and emails. We now have that extra hour per day to bring in more work AND spend more time with our family.

Nhi Aronheim
Nhi Aronheim
Licensed Mortgage Professional, Denver, CO

There are almost daily highlights of “Get Momentum” but if I were to choose one I would say “The Community”.

All day I get to be in my own head, which is usually great ;). The videos tell me how you feel about each section or month…but the community gives fresh ideas from people I would never have access to. Their application of all of the things we learn together are both inspiring and practical. It also expands appreciation from me to more people and more people to me. Appreciation and Acknowledgement in two directions with people who have no previous history together but only a common bond of accomplishing greater things is a huge momentum builder.

It also offers some passive accountability through motivation…a kind of “follow the idea maker” passion to do more. Often the ideas come from you and/or started with a Womackism, but then they are built on with additional applications.

I work for a food ingredient company with a lot of products. Where the biggest dollars of expense and resource allocation is spent is in our Applications area which is all customer driven. So, application is huge! Which is a Womack specialty anyway… and the Community expands it.

Thanks for the Momentum!

Francisco 'Cico' Rodriguez
Francisco 'Cico' Rodriguez
Account Executive, Florida

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