Leadership Retreat

What is your current plan for living “on purpose?”

How is that plan working for you?

Do you have a community and a mentor you turn to as you manage the ups AND the downs of a life, a career, a family and more?

Attend the Get Momentum Leadership Retreat. In just 3.65 days (that’s 1% of your year!) you’ll join a small, tight-knit group of colleagues who push you to Think Bigger and Achieve More.

What better place to meet than in beautiful Ojai, California, where the average daytime temperature is 80 degrees! This Retreat will change the way you see things. We’ll focus on your plans for 2014 and think about how you can get more of the right things done while building a better work-life balance. How would you feel if  you ended more days thinking to yourself, “Yes, this is all worth it. I’m working hard, and it’s paying off.”

Who is the retreat for?

  • Leaders/managers of Fortune 100 companies
  • Entrepreneurs building the next level of their vision
  • Community leaders/builders
  • Managers who want to magnify their impact
  • Founders and entrepreneurs
  • Leaders in civic and governmental organizations
  • You…with the drive to continue learning and growing!

We’ll be announcing the upcoming dates for 2015 soon!.

The Retreat is typically 3+ days: Thursday dinner through Sunday dinner. This will give you time for the in-depth workshop: to think and plan and organize your strategy to Work Smarter, Think Bigger, and Achieve More.

This Retreat is limited.
There are only a few seats available.

This Retreat will change the way you see things. By now, you’re probably wondering how much the Retreat costs. Here’s the deal:


It is time to register for the Retreat if:

  1.     You feel overwhelmed with your workload and behind on projects.
  2.     You know it’s time to climb out of the pile of backlogged work.
  3.     You know you could really “move the mission forward” if you would just focus more on your Most Important Things.
  4.     It is time, you want to be more productive and less stressed.
  5.     The way you work has gotten you “here,” but it won’t get you “THERE.”
  6.     The idea of recruiting, hiring, and training a personal assistant is still months (or years) away.
  7.     You want—and need—to do more with your life.
  8.     BONUS: It’s time to Get Momentum and create the life you deserve.

“The Get Momentum Retreat was just what I needed to focus more on my priorities and explore how to take action on my Most Important Things.”
Gloria M., Ventura, CA


Our intention is to build a long-term community, a support network that continues well beyond the final days of the Retreat. The goal is to help you hold onto that inspiration that happens during the event with the close-knit community of supporters to keep the momentum going.

What will you do for 3.65 days in Ojai?

  • Clarify your roles and responsibilities, the ones you want to experience new levels of success in over the next 12 months.
  • Learn how to create and plan a compelling set of iterative goals to achieve more in life and at work.
  • Practice identifying your community and strengthening the relationships with stakeholders you want to influence (and be influenced by).
  • Explore the topics of contribution, volunteerism and service  as they may apply to your goals and responsibilities.
  • Find out how to leverage your connections and make significant contributions most effectively.
  • Galvanize your effort through clear and compelling communication.
  • Practice using social media to nurture relationships, build community and grow a movement.

“The Get Momentum Retreat was a great opportunity to get away from my day to day and to focus on making my best better!”
Walt H., Boston, MA


DATES: To Be Announced SOON!

The Retreat fee includes meals from Thursday dinner through Sunday dinner. You are responsible for your travel and hotel accommodations.

We will be hosting the meals from Thursday evening through Sunday dinner. *Please let us know if you have any dietary needs. (vegetarian,  gluten free, paleo, juicing, etc. It’s California, we can do that…)

Retreat Exec Summary

Need something to show your boss?
Click to download the GM Retreat Executive Summary

“If you’re thinking about getting away, working on yourself while meeting really cool people, this is the place to go!”
Devon B., New York, NY

If you’d like to be among the first to be notified with the Retreat dates email Jodi!

How is the Retreat run?

We run the retreat as a series of presentations, large and small group discussions, individual planning work and attendee presentations. Yes, it will be a dynamic mix. You WILL work on real projects, as you generate ideas, shape project plans and design effective implementation systems and processes.

We will also explore the local areas in and around Ojai.

As you can imagine, the real magic happens when you declare time to “get away from it all” so you have the time and energy and focus to get TO it all. And, since we  all learn from each other, we will organize an effective follow-up plan to ensure that the plans you leave Ojai with are put in to action over the next 3-12 months.

Your life is about to get Better.