Building Meaningful Relationships


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Beyond networking, “Connection: Building Meaningful Relationships” is a core principle in finding and building Momentum. Over the next few weeks, be aware of how you are making connections – at work AND in life – and how you can deepen those connections you do have. Remember, the person to your right, and the person to your left, they both know something you don’t yet know. If that is true, what would YOU do? There are certain things that leaders know and do that demonstrate their commitment to excellence, development and growth.

Build Meaningful Relationships…Don’t Settle

I am a member of a team, and I rely on the team, I defer to it and sacrifice for it, because the team, not the individual, is the ultimate champion.
~ Mia Hamm

Is there someone around you, someone who emails you, someone who calls you…Someone who, when you see their name/face, stresses you out and brings you down? Just the other day I was listening in as Jodi was interviewed about founding her small advising business The radio host must have asked, “What were you doing before you started this service?” For about 4 minutes, I heard my wife explain – in great detail – the effect her previous job was having on her overall mental health. She was stressed. She was sad. She was sick. Sunday afternoons she started feeling depressed. Thursday mornings she started living for Friday night. It wasn’t a healthy life…

During this month, you will Get Momentum by defining your most important connections, and deepening the relationship with a small, selected group of people. As your coach, I suggest you choose both work AND life relationships…

By reading – and implementing – the Monthly Momentum Module and attending the Town Hall, you will learn 30+ ways to build connections at work and in your personal life. Ready?