Make Your Tools Work Overtime

Productivity Through Technology

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Welcome ,

To save time, THAT is really the sub-goal of this month’s theme, “Productivity Through Technology.”

The by-product of that saved time will be:

  • Gained focus: Imagine if you spent less time looking for things. Imagine if there were fewer mis-communications with coworkers, family members and friends. Imagine if you had more free time during each month.

  • Peace of mind: You’ll know (A) that you’re getting the most out of the tools and technology you have, and (B) new ways to maximize those tools you had not previously thought of.

  • Enhanced trust: When other people know that you’re organized, your systems are optimized, and you’ll do what you say you’ll do in the time you promised, they will trust you at a whole new level.

, when you think of being “more productive” using “technology,” a lot will come to mind. To get you going, there are three areas you’re going to focus on immediately:

COMMUNICATION: How to use digital communication tools (ie: email, voicemail, text messaging) to communicate better and more completely.
ORGANIZATION: How to use organizing tools (from sticky notes, to journals, to list-manager apps) to get more done.
AUTOMATION: How to STOP thinking about (and managing) repetitive tasks; you’ll save 20-40 hours a year JUST by doing this!

Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations.
~ Steve Jobs

During this month, you will Get Momentum by identifying the ways you an more effectively utilize the tools, gear and systems you already have access to. In addition, you may wind up downloading/purchasing some other tools/apps to make your life that much easier. There are THREE components to this month’s theme, Productivity Through Technology:

1. Momentum Module: Here you’ll read through just a few of the most powerful suggestions we know of that will save you time and make it easier for you to get the most important things done each day.
2. Town Hall (scheduled for July 23rd, 2014, 9am Pacific): During this 45-minute presentation and 45-minute discussion, you’ll see how to communicate, organize and automate more effectively. PLUS, bring your “productivity through technology problems to the table, and you’ll have your questions answers.
3. Success Profile: This month, you’ll learn from Joe Bruzzese, MA. He’s the founder of and someone I know who continues to push the limits of what his technology can do for him. He told me that by implementing several of the techniques I’ve shared with him over the years he estimates he has 150-200 more hours per year to spend with his wife, his children and his friends.


*Note: as a member of Get Momentum, you have access to all past Momentum Modules. After you read – and apply – this month’s module, watch the Town Hall, a view the Success Profile, choose another module that you know will help you Get Momentum. Want to discuss this on the phone?

Give us a call:
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