A shared sense of purpose

  • What: #CoffeeChat
  • When: 26 April 2015
  • Where: Sweet Revenge (62 Carmine Street, New York City, NY)
  • Why: To share a conversation with like-minded folks, willing to discuss the big questions

“Do I have to register?” Nope, but you find out about the group here

#CoffeeChat is a time for us to meet while we’re on your way to work in the morning or just about to get your day started. We come together for about an hour to share stories and find some common conversation with other people who are working to make positive things happen.

Over the years of attending #CoffeeChat events, we see that people have continued to come together; it’s a little bit of networking and a little bit of inspiration. I hope wherever you are you will consider organizing your own morning meetup with like-minded (or different-minded!) people in your community.

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