Leadership: You either have it or you want it (a Leadership “self-assessment” quiz…)

Good morning from Quito, Ecuador. Over the past 5 days, I’ve met with more than 100 business leaders in Santiago, Chile and then Lima, Peru, and today I’ll present the “Get Momentum” philosophy in front of 23 CEOs, Senior Leaders and board-level community leaders. On the very top of my mind is: How do people think about getting #Better? What does “Better” even mean? And, what are the questions I love helping people thing through?

Here’s something I’m sharing with the Get Momentum community:

Take this TRUE or FALSE Quiz:

1. You are personally willing to work on your own Professional Development and Leadership Skills. You’re a life-long learner.

2. You can’t think of anything else you’d rather do than build a better future for your community, company, family, projects, etc.

3. Developing yourself professionally and personally is the best way to improve your future.

4. You know the value of asking for help.

5. You seek opportunities and new levels of contributing.

6. You are confident that a new, better, more effective way of working AND living is technically feasible.

7. You’ve read a book, attended a conference, or worked with a coach before.

8. Your position, your job, your product or your service has competition and that drives you to be better.

10. You are unique; you stand out.

11. You are directly responsible to more than just yourself to provide meaningful opportunities to people other than yourself.

12. You living another vibrant 30-50 years will be a benefit to society.


Grading: How many did you answer TRUE?

9-12: Are you ready? Or, are you already doing something valuable and meaningful for yourself and the rest of your world? It IS www.TimeToGetMomentum.com

5-8: Does it feel like you’re at “about average”? Are you doing some work that doesn’t seem worth the effort? Mediocre sucks.

0-4: I’m going to propose that your life, your work, your relationships, even your health is on the verge of “unsatisfying.” Is it time to shake things up a bit?


2 thoughts on “Leadership: You either have it or you want it (a Leadership “self-assessment” quiz…)

  1. of course I am in 9-12. I have a Momentum in life to strive to make me and everyone around me , my family and my network to get better everyday.
    Because I got trained with an awesome coach…!!!

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