The next 3 Get Momentum Leadership Academy themes are…

2014-11-17_12-59-26Time Management…

Between January 1st, 2016 and today, about 4,500 hours have passed.

Between today and December 31st, 2016, there are about 3,900 hours to go.

Read those numbers again.

Now, let me offer you a solution to your Time Management problem:

Get Momentum is a 12-month leadership development academy that supports your career by teaching you the skills, behaviors and tactics you need to succeed at work, and in life.

CLICK HERE to see the entire curriculum…

Recently, I interviewed Get Momentum members worldwide (click on the picture to see their responses) to understand what kind of coaching they were looking for.

You’re reading this post because you would say YES to the following four questions:

  1. Do you lead challenging discussions at work?
  2. Are you balancing large work projects and big life goals?
  3. Do you influence the leadership track of others?
  4. Are you going to spend a few days this year thinking about and planning your own leadership track?

Look, if the answer to all four questions is yes, let’s work together.

Click here to join Get Momentum, and let’s make sure you get the most out of the next few months. And, so you know, here are the next few Get momentum Leadership Academy themes:

AUGUST: Team-Building

Empower Your Team… Success - in life and at work - requires that you are able to work effectively AND efficiently with those around you. In order to go far AND fast, you need to lead people using specific empowerment techniques that build others’ self-efficacy while simultaneously encouraging them to step in to and up to ever increasing challenges.

Outcome: 5 tactics to use weekly that empower your teams to be more effective.

SEPTEMBER: Strategic Leadership

Lead Strategically/Work Tactically… Strategic: the long-term or overall aims and interests. Leadership: the act of leading a group of people or an organization. Leaders who spend time focused on the future, are better able to manage and direct what needs to be done in the short and mid-term. Working this way gives you time to think.

Outcome: 5 ways to step out of the day-to-day busy-ness of work and build strategic thinking habits.

OCTOBER: Productive Habits

Build Better Habits & Routines… Your “productive day” starts long before your alarm clock jolts you awake in the morning. What you do before you fall asleep, what you eat for dinner, what you talk about on your way home, how you end your day before you leave the office…

Outcome: 5 ways to improve your habits and change your routines.

Ok, only because I KNOW a few of you will want to know, here are the themes for November and December:

NOVEMBER: Find Your People

Build Meaningful Relationships… Every day, you’re being positively (encouraged) or negatively (distracted) influenced by the few people you call friends, family and colleagues. People you spend the most time with will have the biggest impact on your professional life and your personal experiences.

Outcome: 5 ways to take your grow your network with influential people.

DECEMBER: Innovation

Creativity and Innovation in Leadership… Innovation is the result of creative ideas being implementation successfully. Your success as a leader to your organization, your team, and even your family is tied directly to your ability to change, assimilate, and innovate.

Outcome: 5 ways to learn how to think more creatively and drive innovation.

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