The Power of Milestones

When we think of milestones, we tend to think of big events in our lives. Monumental events, such as a big birthday, a graduation, a wedding or even retirement. When looking at the idea of milestones in the context of a big task, we define milestones as “significant events in the progress or development of a project that you want to get momentum on.” Milestones give us a sense of fulfillment and joy as we achieve them. They not only are a reason to celebrate, but a reason to keep moving forward with confidence and excellence.

Do you have a big project ahead of you? One that seems almost too daunting to begin? Consider creating a schedule for your large, long-term project, as this will make it easier to get and keep momentum. When you lay out the work you need to do and organize your activities three months at a time, in one-month intervals, even the largest projects feel more doable. These are now your subprojects, or milestones if you will. When creating these milestones, make sure you are planning for achievable and believable outcomes, as this will help you see and measure your growth and forward movement.


Over the years, we’ve asked members, clients and even friends and family members to tell us about the projects that are stuck. As they explain why they haven’t done what they had hoped to do by now, we ask them to think about the smaller parts of the projects they could be working on. In most cases, people get stuck trying to complete the entire project instead of working on subprojects - that when completed - could get them closer to the finish line.


In Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich he states, “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” As you identify milestones to complete, be sure they are believable. For each milestone you commit to, ask yourself, “Do I believe it’s possible to do that?” If it isn’t believable, don’t be afraid to make it a little bit smaller. The truth is, an action identified and completed - no matter how big or how small - will create momentum that you will use to take the next step with.

Milestones in an essence are victories.

Whether they are small or large, they will give you the power, the encouragement and the motivation to continue on to the next one. Keeping them achievable and believable is the key!

Are you working on a project that could be better executed if broken up into achievable and believable milestones? Share with us about your project! We would love to hear!