Prepare to take the vacation of your life.

Happy Summertime to YOU!

I have good news… and then some bad news. Are you ready?

Good news: Summertime means vacation time.

Bad news. According to a recent survey*, most people who took a vacation didn’t unplug while away.

In fact, 25% said they worked every day.

In the past month, Jodi and I have taken 8 days of vacation, 5 of which we did NO work at all. We didn’t make a single call or send even one email. We didn’t work on the website, or write an article. We did no work. We hiked in Ojai, biked in Lake Tahoe and kayaked through the roaring rapids of the Rogue River in Oregon. (I included a picture of the last rapid.)

How did we do it?

We addressed THREE important issues.

“Do you have a vacation coming up?”

I challenge you to spend 10-minutes on each of the three issues I’ll tell you about. With just 30-minutes of planning, you could have the best vacation of your life!

Resilience Is Our Theme This Month

Think about the word “Resilient.” That’s the the theme this month at Can you remember a time when you faced a huge challenge and had to fight your way back to health or wellness? That’s BIG resilience.

There’s another kind of resilience, as well. I’m teaching people about the “everyday kind” of resilience. You need this.

Three Issues

If you’re about to take time off of work, here are three conversations you can have that will build resilience before you need it. Also, they will give you “peace of mind” while you’re away from the office:

(1) Discuss your MITs (Most Important Things) that need to be done BEFORE you leave,

(2) Agree on your MITs (Most Important Things) for the time you’re on vacation, and

(3) Schedule 2 afternoon “catch-up days” for the week after you return.

In order to take those 8 days off, Jodi and I addressed all three. I promise, you’ll have a better vacation if you do this.

An Offer

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By now, you have an idea about what your vacation will be like if you DON’T prepare for it. If you’d like help in making this the best vacation you’ve ever taken, join Get Momentum and take full advantage of the bonus coaching call.

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