Was it “easy” for them? And is it only “hard” for me???

For two more days, Jodi and I are coaching Get Momentum members around the world in the leadership skill called #resilience …

SO, late at night I looked at the bookcase behind me in the office, I found myself wondering, “Were they all successful? Did it work out for them all as easy as I might think it did?”

So, I did a little research.

I found this article about an author who I’ve paid a lot to read her books…

It’s some of the story about J.K. Rowling; and, the line that JUMPED off the computer screen (the third monitor, off to the right) were these:

“A few days later Rowling received a letter asking for the remainder of the manuscript. The agency sent Rowling’s 200-page script to 12 publishers, all of whom, to their eternal regret, turned down the book. Harper Collins showed interest but was too slow in formulating a bid…”

Of course, I went and looked up the Google answer to this query: “J. K. Rowling net worth” and here’s an answer I found: “Harry Potter is now a global brand worth an estimated US$15 billion”

Look, you may not think (or you might) that a writer “should” make that much money; that’s not the point. What I’m curious about are YOUR answers to the prompts here; that is, would you have bounced back after 12 - yes T W E L V E - rejection letters?

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